Celebrate Winter

Where does winter begin....

The season turns, the leaves on the trees change colour, and we turn our attention to the winter ahead. It is time to prepare for mulling spice season and the many ways we celebrate fall and winter.  To make our 50 year old family mulling spice recipe complete, we use German Kandis Zucker (vegan caramelized candied sugar crystals from non-GMO sugar beets), added in the right proportion for optimal sweetness.

Our mulling spice pouch....

.... is prepared specifically to turn a bottle of regular red wine into the perfect mulled wine.  Alternatively, a non-alcoholic version can be mulled with apple juice or cranberry juice, making the best hot apple cider or hot cranberry cider.  Simply place the pouch into a saucepan with either the wine, apple juice or cranberry juice, and simmer on low for at least 1/2 an hour, careful never to heat your beverage to boil. 

As Winter deepens, and the icy Squamish winds howl down Howe Sound to clash with the snow covered shores of Bowen Island, we turn to one of Europe's finest cold weather traditions to celebrate Winter in style .... with "Feuerzangebowle" (Flaming Mulled Wine).

As with everything in life, you need the right tools.  Start with the "Feuerzange" (Fire Tongues).

Add the traditional "Zuckerhut" (Sugar Cone). Half a pound of sugary sweetness, ready to soak up the sun, ..... ehem, the rum. Place the Zuckerhut into the Feuerzange and.....

..... place them over a large vessel filled with 3-4 litres of mulled wine. A healthy soak with > 50% rum (151 proof works well, ... always outdoors!) prepares the sugar cone for its brief encounter with a flame from a lit match or lighter (don't burn yourself, and don't set off the fire alarm, or better yet, the sprinkler system).

Watch and listen as the sizzling rum and caramelizing sugar drip into the hot mulled wine below. Keep a metal ladle ready so you can add more tasty "fuel" to the burning Zuckerhut (beware of flash flames).  When the fire is out serve, the wonderfully sweet and spicy delight into sturdy ceramic mugs. "Prost" to an evening filled with entertainment!


Looking for gift ideas?

Or go treat your good friend(s) or yourself to our Swiss designed, German made  Feuerzangenbowle Set, complete with stand & burner, stainless steel pot and "Feuerzange".

We ship the complete set with your first Zuckerhut, mulling spice and fuel to light the burner. You provide your beverages of choice (3-4 bottles of robust red wine, 2-3 cups of 151 proof rum or your spirit of choice with >50% alcohol), and you are ready to light up the night!

Or, Kandis Zucker by itself, or soaked in Amaretto, Brandy or Rum, makes another fine addition to your (or anyone on your gift list) favourite cup of tea. We sell it in large or small crystals.


Finally, we pick the finest looking orange rings and separate them into our orange packs.  Their intense flavour make them a perfect snack and addition to your favourite tea or cocktail (we like a little wedge in a gin and tonic!).

This should see you through the fall and winter!!