Feuerzangenbowle Set (Fire Tongs Punch)

Feuerzangenbowle Set (Fire Tongs Punch)

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Purchase one of Europe's most beloved winter traditions, Feuerzangenbowle (Fire Tongs Punch), with Bowen Island Herb Salts' Feuerzangenbowle set.

Swiss designed and made in Germany, our Feuerzangenbowle set promises to make your next celebration of winter a memorable experience.

Light the bottom burner to heat up mulled wine with Bowen Island Herb Salts' signature mulling spice, soak a sugar cone with flammable spirit (ie. 151 proof rum) and set it on fire. Keep fueling the fire, using a non combustible ladle, until the caramelizing sugar is completely melted into the hot beverage below.

Set comes with sugar cone and mulling spice.

Caution: For outdoor use only.  Keep bottle(s) of flammable spirits away from open fire, particularly the one under the mulled wine pop and the one you ignited with the sugar cone.