Farmer's Market Meal Idea using Berry Blend, Original Blend, & Apple Smoke

At the fabulous Whistler Farmers' Market, we found these items for $18:

We combined them with some lentils, walnuts, carrot tops and turnip tops (from last weeks market) to make the following vegan meal for four (with plenty of veggies left over for tomorrows meal!):

* Beets roasted with olive oil and our Original Herb Salt Blend

* Beet tops steamed until soft

* Carrot and turnip tops pan fried with olives, topped with Apple Smoked Salt

* Lentils (brown masoor dal) with cherry tomatoes prepared using Bowen Islander Amrita Sondhi's recipe from her fabulous "The Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook" topped with Apple Smoke Salt

* Salad topped with fresh blueberries with an olive oil, apple cider vinegar & Berry Blend dressing

* Fresh sliced kohlrabi


Veggies and berries purchased from Pemberton Meadows Plenty Wild Farms and Osoyoos Fresh Fruits


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